incubators. micro Schools. multipliers.

By 2021, we aspire to run school-based programs and micro schools across the greater Denver metro area and to be regarded nationally as a leader in innovation research and development. Here's why and how.

Our outcomes

Develop leaders | Improve academic, social emotional, and personal efficacy outcomes for future leaders who want progressive alternatives to traditional environments.

Elevate families | Support families to develop resiliency, become effective academic partners, and increase personal and collective efficacy for multi-generational impact.

Promote choice | Increase the variety of educational models available in Denver. 

Grow innovations | Study, share, and multiply successful education innovations.

Our strategies

Launch incubators | School-based centers that incubate the Launch model, support students, develop educators, and help transform partner schools.

Open schools | Small public schools designed by educators and families and co-located with existing schools and community organizations.

Multiply impact |New school models, Next generation leaders, and Innovation R&D.