incubators. micro Schools. multipliers.

Today, we run one incubator program at Stedman Elementary School. 

We serve talented, passionate, creative fourth and fifth grade students. Here's what we do.

Social Emotional Learning

We dedicate ninety minutes every day to helping our students develop social emotional awareness, skill, and resilience.

Community Partnership and Mentorship

We bring in community partners, leaders, parents, and role models to support our students in developing positive identities and clear, ambitious life goals. 

Learning in Community

Field trips with community partners expose students to learning beyond the classroom walls.

STEM and Coding Academies

We enhance math and science standards by weaving them into lessons about STEM and coding, where our students have genuine passion and strong skills.

Community Leadership

We enhance english and social studies through community leadership projects, which provide students opportunities to work alongside community leaders to solve real world problems.

Student Leadership

We believe our students are leaders, and we give them opportunity to demonstrate that leadership in the broader Stedman community through in-school service learning.

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