Park Hill Collective Impact (PHCI) is being built in real time by and for the community. PHCI serves as the backbone, facilitator, and connector for a growing network of partners to meet the needs of families in Park Hill. Much of the success of PHCI is dependent upon organizations and individuals working together differently.

Collaborative Healing Initiative within Communities (C.H.I.C) helps families break intergenerational cycles of poverty and violence. We strengthen families and communities by strengthening women and girls. We fill a critical gap in the landscape of institutions and service providers by offering culturally-relevant, whole-family, female-focused supports that directly intervene in the systems that most frequently fail communities: education, workforce, and criminal justice.

Kids Above Everything exists to inspire and empower all youth to be their best selves. We create environments where relationships are the foundation of everything we do. We recognize that authentic relationships sustain impact and by doing so, change the life trajectories of young people in our communities.

Moonshot envisions a learner-centered system, led by individuals who share and empathize with the experience of the students and communities they aim to serve, where all children become learners who persist through life and meaningfully contribute to their communities. Moonshot edVentures surfaces and supports diverse leaders to design and launch the learning environments of tomorrow.

The mission of the Denver Public Schools is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing citizens in our diverse society.

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